Kampala, Uganda

Applied Machine Learning Engineer

I specialize in building and deploying ML models through applications or websites. I have a deep understanding of ML algorithms, data modeling techniques, and data structures


Web Development

I design and code customized websites and tailor them to match my clients needs using the best software in the business.

Technical writing

I simplify complex procedures and technologies of my interest or those paid for. I also write about my personal experiences with these technologies or procedures.


The Ultimate R Language Beginner Tutorial

R is a programming language, that is often associated with statistical computing, used for graphical presentation and analyzing and visualizing data. That said, R comes with the full power of a programming language and should be able to execute tasks required of programming languages(...)

4 Reasons why you should not learn to code.

All people tell you to learn code, they say it's easy, with life-changing financial implications, and this could be true, but rarely do they tell you why you should not learn to code. These reasons are entirely my personal view and you may agree or disagree(...)

Create a fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds(seriously)

You may want to create a fully functional frontend but for some reason, you're lacking a backend or API to service it. Maybe because you can't develop one or you're just practicing or focusing on the front end or you're probably lazy 😁. In this article you will discover how to set up a fake functional backend for yourself.

About Me

Hi, I'm Juma Shafara

In late 2019, I was introduced to the C language as a freshman module. I was so astounded by the idea of being able to communicate more directly with the computer. This was where my passion for programming started. So casually spent the next few months practicing C/C++ languages for the fun of it.

In the early 2020, we were hit by the pandemic that would change everything and give me an entirely different direction. Due to obvious reasons, the world embraced the digital transformation at an expedited pace, remimagining technology's critical role in how we learn, work and live. But at the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the long-standing issue, the digital divide. While countries that were ahead in technology quickly redeemed themselves by operating via the internet with efficiency, countries like mine that were lower in digital operation continued to sink further and life became harder.

I decided then to learn web development and merge it with the technical analytic skills I was getting from statistics, to develop more accurate and specific digital solutions that are based on data to uplift the statuses of whichever communities I were to live in, in the future, this became my new purpose.

I’m a firm believer in the growth mindset concept, and that “life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself” (George Bernard Shaw).

My Tech Stack

I'm proficient with the following relevant technologies


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